Deep learning is the fastest-growing field in artificial intelligence, helping computers make sense of infinite amounts of data in the form of images, sound, and text. Using multiple levels of neural networks, computers now have the capacity to see, learn, and react to complex situations as well or better than humans. This is leading to a profoundly different way of thinking about your data, your technology, and the products and services you deliver.

深度学习是人工智能中发展最快的领域,它帮助计算机以图像、声音和文本的形式感知无限量的数据。利用多层次的神经网络,计算机现在有能力去观察、学习和对复杂情况做出反应,在某些领域甚至比人类更好。2018年第二届深度学习技术国际会议 将于 2018年6月27-29日中国重庆 召开,由重庆邮电大学主办,为深度学习领域的研究人员,学者和科学家提供一个面对面交流自己的想法的机会 。


Hence, 2018 2nd International Conference on Deep Learning Technologies will be held during June 27-29, 2018, Chongqing, China, hosted by Chongqing University of Posts and Telecommunications in order to provide a valuable opportunity for researchers ,scholars and scientists to exchange their ideas face to face in DLT.

ICDLT 2017 Conference Proceedings has been included into ACM Digital Library and already been indexed by  Ei Compendex。 ICDLT 2017 会议论文集已经被EI Compendex 检索。

Publication opportunity

Accpted papers will be included into ICDLT 2018 conference proceedings, which will be published and indexed by Ei Compendex and Scopus.

会议收录的文章将以论文集形式出版并提交 Ei Compendex 和 Scopus 检索。 文章作者将被邀请参会展示研究报告。

All submission will be peer reviewed before acceptance!
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