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• Applications of Deep Learning in software.
• Applications of Deep Learning in hardware.
• Conceptual talks and cutting edge research on Deep Learning.
• Building businesses with Deep Learning at the core.

The integration of DL techniques could interest researchers studying the following topic areas (among others):

• Technologies
o Caption generation
o Cognitive architectures
o Commonsense reasoning
o Episodic reasoning
o Intelligent agents (e.g., planning and acting, goal reasoning)
o Machine learning (e.g., deep, reinforcement, statistical relational, transfer)
o Model-based reasoning
o Narrative intelligence
o Temporal reasoning
o Visual reasoning

• Applications
o Ambient intelligence
o Autonomic computing
o Biomedical systems
o Computer games
o Image processing (e.g., security/surveillance tasks)
o Information retrieval and reuse
o Intelligent tutoring systems
o Language translation
o Plan replay
o Question-Answering
o Reasoning from experiences mined from text, multimedia, or human interactions
o Recommender systems
o Robotics (e.g., control of autonomous vehicles)
o Text reuse
o User modeling

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